We IBC find domestic and international attractive products and services of mid-sized
  companies and entrepreneurial ventures and send them broadly to the world.
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  We contribute to advance customer's profit by expanding each product and service as well as
  creating a new added value from combinating various products and services.

●Alternate sales
IBC deals in various products and services, regardless of domestic and international, and the sales and distribution channels globally spread. Also, we create a new added value by combinating the channels and support for sales via a channel that was beyond immagination before.

●Media promotion
We provide promotion service to distribute products broadly.
IBC has a strong network with media firms in Asian developing countries, mainly China, and suggests the best suited media and promotion activities for costomers' products.

●Alternate import/export
Trading tasks are necessary to distribute products globally.
By utilizing our alternate import/export service, it is possible to cut down on labor to prepare cumbersome tasks such as creating documents, selecting warehouse and carrier, and contracting with them, and we support a quick business set up.