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Trading tasks are necessary to distribute products globally.  By utilizing our alternate import/export service, it is possible to cut down on labor to prepare cumbersome tasks such as creating documents, selecting warehouse and carrier, and contracting with them, and we support a quick business set up.

Foods related products
● Device
Food server
Device for plant container factory*
Water filter
Softening apparatus
Japanese plateware
Western plateware
Glass plateware
Earthen ware
Bamboo ware
Japanese confectionery
Western confectionery
Sea products(dry foods)
Organic tea
Environment related products
Air conditioner outdoor unit to clean RO water
●Installation & facility
Construction supply
Exhaust heat paint
Disposal center (biomass)
Disposal center(incinerator)
Desalination sea water device
LED light
Rechargeable battery & dry-cell battery
Brownout fluorescent
Cosmetics related products
Spa, Esthetic salon
●Cosmetic products
Cosmetic items
※These products and servces on this page are parts of IBC products.